Candlelight  Ying Yoga Wednesday  evenings 6:30 to 7:30





Yin Yoga is the opposite of Yang forms of yoga, active yoga which emphasizes internal heat, lengthening and contracting of muscles. Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures or asanas that primarily concentrate on the deeper tissues of the body’s connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments) and also deep within the joints. Focus is between the upper thighs and lower ribs where the most concentrated area of fascia resides in the body and asanas are generally performed seated or lying down.

While initially this style of yoga may seem sort of passive, it can be quite challenging due to the length of time poses are held. Postures can be held from 1 to 20 minutes; however the general rule for a class would be 1 to 5 minutes depending on the posture. tissues (fascia, bones tendons, ligaments, joints) and yang tissues (muscle, blood, skin) respond differently while being exercised.

Ying Yang forms of yoga stimulate the muscles in the body, increases strength, and promote good physical health. Yin Yoga is necessary to balance one’s overall practice to keep the body from weakening and to prevent the susceptibility of injury to the joints. Yin lubricates and adds flexibility to joints. After you experience the power of Yin Yoga, you will realize you need Yin to balance and complete your yoga practice.

If you can breathe, you can do Yin Yoga. Everyone can reap the benefits from this form of yoga.

Some benefits gained through practicing Yin:

  • improve circulation and flexibility in joints and connective tissue
  • improve health
  • greater strength
  • increase stamina
  • feeling calm and balanced
  • ability to easily deal with stress
  • deeper relaxation
  • delays aging process
  • regulates energy level
  • improves concentration and focus
  • helps yang practice

Pauline Russell, is fully qualified to share this wonderful anti-aging practice with you.

She looks forward to helping you shed years, stress, stiffness and crankiness on your way to achieving optimal health! we made it our mission for yoga to be available for EVERYONE, regardless of age, experience, or flexibility!

Where: Islamorada Yoga / Islamorada Fitness
Who: Open to all students (including mature children)