Jenny Teaches Vinyasa Flow Open Level This energetic 60-minute class features a variety of postures to create a challenging class for all yogis, no matter the level. Build strength, flexibility, and balance in both the body and mind! Sweat happens; but you’ll leave feeling centered and more connected to your physical and spiritual self. All levels are welcome due to carefully selected modifications that are seamlessly woven into the practice.



“The pose begins when you want to leave it.”
A dancer since age three, Jenny began her journey into yoga in college, while majoring in biology and minoring in theatre & dance. She immediately connected to the physicality of yoga, and soon began to appreciate meditative aspects of a consistent yoga practice. Upon obtaining her certification from Master teacher Tony Artice, she began teaching immediately to a wide variety of students, from college athletes to retirees. During her almost ten years of teaching in many different places (everywhere from Kentucky, to California, to Key West, to Mexico!), she has continued to study under many inspiring teachers, and learns something new every class she teaches. She whole-heartedly believes that yoga is for every body, every age, and every fitness level.

Her class, flow for fitness, centers around using physical challenges to connect your body and mind on a deeper level. It is a medium intensity class, made appropriate for every level of practitioner by using carefully-selected modifications that can accommodate and heal injuries and restore intention into your movement.