Andrea is ready for you to bring it and make a life-changing transformation. Her proprietary approach helps you melt fat and build strong lean muscles.

Andrea co-founded Islamorada Fitness. Her personality, style and voice have guided her to become a big influence in health and fitness.

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I believe in the powerful connection between body, mind, and soul. For the past 5 years I have been on mission to get as many people as I could in shape and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle through my workouts and nutrition tips. There is nothing more satisfying for me than seeing the positive impact my workout program has had on other people’s lives. Their change in lifestyle is not only skin deep, it affects all aspects of their life. That’s what moves me and motivates me to keep doing what I do.

Excelled in the personal training and fitness industry since 2012, Andrea has been the sole proprietor of her own Wellness Center company, “Islamorada Fitness”. Today, Andrea’s business includes private training, small group training, couples, amazing yoga classes, zumba, bellydance & oriental dance, pole and hoop, and teaching expert level fitness classes (TRX, weightlifting, bodybuilding, boot-camp ”after burn effect”) and meal plans and programs.

Andrea is a certified fitness instructor, coaching specialist in fitness and nutrition with focus is on innovative training, concentrating on transforming the body and mind. She has developed a signature training technique,The After Burn Effect Method”, as well as a FNX Reboot 7 week shred program…which combines functional and traditional methods of working the body. Her personal training methods have evolved to include a unique combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, sports specific drills, yoga.

Why I do what I do…

Working out and living this fitness lifestyle has brought me to a good point in my life. I am eternally grateful that I found this calling and I want to share my passion with as many people as possible.


  • James Bernardin
Andrea at Islamorada Fitness has been my personal trainer for the last two years and I couldn’t be happier. She is a great motivator, teacher, and coach. At 59 years old, it’s difficult to remain motivated week after week but with Andrea’s program I actually look forward to it because I see and feel the results. I am honestly more fit now than I have been in the last 20 years. My passion is competitive slalom water skiing and this fitness program has enabled me to keep-up with and in many cases out-perform skiers who are much younger than me. Thanks Andrea!
  • kimberly kosiner
My Husband and I were in town visiting and our hotel recommended this gym. We were pleasantly surprised! Andrea was so welcoming, and a great coach. We attended her class the first night we were there, and it was so great that we returned again the next night! If we return to Islamorada, we will definitely be back! Thanks for having us Islamorada Fitness 🙂


  • Monica Horsley
I just finished the 7 week FNX Reboot Class with Andrea! It was a great program and really go be going in the right direction. I lost 9.5 inches, 6 lbs and 10% body fat and I am very happy with those results. I look forward to starting her Epic Life Class next week.
  • Fred Khoury
Had a blast and got in shape taking the FNX Reboot Class with Andrea Segovia!
Great workouts, great group of people!
  • Lynn
I’ve been working out with Andrea for 2 months now and the results are amazing. Very personalized workouts, very effective. I also take yoga with Jenny. She is amazing too and makes it OK that I am not all that flexible.
  • There is nothing intimidating, unfriendly, or discouraging about this place! From the second you walk in the door they are on your side and ready to get you to your happy place! AND…I’ve had one private session with Andrea, and today I can barely walk. She means business, but with a smile!
  • I love how personable ALL the instructors have been. It’s so refreshing for me . I gave lived in Miami my entire life and have been a member at several gyms and have never felt as comfortable as I do at Islamorada fitness. Also, Andrea has offered to help me several times with my fitness training not because I’m a member but because she obviously genuinely cares.
  • jillh, Tavernier, FL 5 Stars I love Islamorada Fitness! I initially signed up for a series of personal training sessions with Andrea. She is fabulous and keeps my workouts challeging and fun. It feels so good to get moving again and I look forward to each session. The difference I feel from the moment I get to class until the end is quite remarkable. Mind – body – spirit is the key and she knows exactly how to awaken and align them all. Thank you to all the staff at Islamorada Fitness! I look forward to progressing into more classes and getting my body back into great shape. I’m feeling better already after only a couple weeks!
  • natashae, TAVERNIER, FL 5 Stars I have really enjoyed the boot camp classes at Islamorada Fitness. Andrea is a great trainer! They have provided help not only in helping me reach my fitness goals but also with nutrition and overall health.
  • karlyc, TAVERNIER, FL 5 Stars LOVE Islamorada Fitness! Nice, clean gym and great classes. Andrea is WONDERFUL 🙂
  • barbarap, GRAND RAPIDS, MI 5 Stars I am so happy you opened this fitness center!! The workouts are incredibly challenging and fun. I am doing more than I thought possible and look forward to coming back each time to see what else I can accomplish! Andrea is fabulous, and you offer several interesting and versatile classes. Thank you!
  • michelem, TAVERNIER, FL 5 Stars My last 8 weeks have been so Awesome!I now wake each morning with renewed energy,and the will power to want to do right by my body.This is the thing I was needing and missing,and I Love it! The whole team of instructors have so much knowledge to help each of us to reach our goals,and keep them.

Islamorada Fitness
Isn’t it amazing how a few short weeks with new habits can change your life? Keep up the good work, you’re crushing it!

Some BEFORE and AFTER pictures 

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