Islamorada Fitness has been a major part of recovery for me. I have have many severe injuries in my life, 3 of which have been major spinal injuries. This last year I had broken my back and pelvis, which the doctors said I would never fully recover from the surgery and I would have to limited physical strain the rest of my life.

I did not want that to stop me, so I went to Islamorada Fitness to work on my personal fitness to regain physical strength. After only 3 months of training I was able to participate in a paddle board crossing from Key Largo to Flamingo which was roughly 33 miles. I would have never imagined 6 months after my surgery I could do such a thing. Now I am 6 months into training and I am in better shape than I have been in for a long time. I attribute my progress to the help I received from Islamorda Fitness.
Thank you so much to Andrea”


Ellen B

“I love Islamorada Fitness!”

Working out with you 2 or 3 days a week always give me more energy. You do a wonderful job of targeting the areas that I need to tone.

Thank you, Andrea for designing workouts that do not involve pressure being put on my wrists and thumbs. These exercises are equally as effective as others.

I have been exercising all my life and love it. You keep me motivated!

Thank you Andrea for your expertise!”-Barbara Hamilton, Teacher Key Largo, FL



I was wearing size 16 during college

now I’m wearing a SIZE 8 JEANS”

-C. P



Andrea has been my personal trainer for the last 8 months and I look fit and toned! I feel strong! The one-on-one training has motivated me and helped me to achieve a goal I have been striving for years. Andrea is a gem and I recommend her highly, not only will you sweat and see results you will have a new best friend.”-Dorothy Nekhaila

                                                   903845_3119225116095_1055802036_o           I started training with Andrea four months ago. My goal has been to shed the pounds for my wedding in March and maintaining my healthy lifestyle after. Andrea has not only helped me reach my goal very quickly but she has been my motivation and a joy to train with. It’s fun training with her! Every session is completely different and I never know what she has in store next. She is always checking in on my eating habits and goals. Every month she weighs me and does complete measurements so I know exactly where I am at. In three months training with Andrea three times a week I have lost 10 pounds and over 8 inches! I feel amazing and am so proud of my accomplishments. Thanks Andrea!”



I am so happy to have found your facility and enjoy every workout.

I appreciate flexibility of scheduling as I am a “snowbird” on vacation with strength + weight loss goals! Wonderful! I absolutely recommend this to a friend.

*When I was vacationing in the Florida Keys:

The benefits I have gained: Self confidence, more energy, happier, fit into clothing better.I lost size and I am not concerned about the scale… I’m curious but not driven by numbers.

When I went back home:
Missing my workouts with you. Getting LOTS of compliments on my new look and progress! You have made the difference in my progress I’m SO happy
Thanks to you Andrea-LL”Lucy”

If you’ve never tried aerial yoga, do it! I can give you at least 3 good reasons why: My chi feels centered, I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years, and I’m so at peace (yes, still and the class was @ 5:30 yesterday) with everything and everyone around me…more so than normal. WOW! Thank you Andrea @ Islamorada Fitness! I’m going back today to get my butt handed to me in boot camp.”-Angela

“Love the yoga! Lauren Ferrante teaches powerful sweaty yoga with unexpected and terrific music!”-Christy Hughes

“Great yoga classes !!!”-Morgan Lang

“Andrea, Margaret, and the rest of the gang are awesome!!”-Amy Brewer



“Andrea is an amazing trainer awesome person!!!!! 🙂 been going for almost a year wouldn’t change it for anything!! She has lifted me up when I was on the ground, through the hardest times my life she has built me up and shown me how strong I can be she is truly an inspiration I will not stop, I have strength I didn’t know I had because of her & I will only get stronger! Thank you Andrea you are a beautiful strong woman inside and out! I absolutely freaken LOVE Islamorada Fitness!!!!”

-Crystal S

“Great boot camp at the Hampton Inn on Wed…. Covered in sand and still smiling….. So Much Fun!!!! Thank-you”-Jill Hayes

“Since beginning my workout with Andrea at Islamorada Fitness-Bootcamp, I have seen a major improvement in muscle tone and physical strength. I’ve lost a total of 6 pounds and increased my energy level. Every workout is different. Results come very quickly.

Andrea will incorporate 3 muscle groups in one exercise. The workout goes by very fast. From beginner to advanced everyone can do this workout. Andrea does a great job motivating us as well as making sure we are doing moves correctly making us less injury prone. I am 100% satisfied with all the aspects of Bootcamp at Islamorada Fitness.”-Kelly Hatfield

“Tu me has ayudado a sentirme mejor cuando me veo al espejo, tener mas energia, aunque a veces termino matada del trabajo quiero ir a hacer mi rutina , me siento comoda con el peso porque se que ya no tengo la barriga y no tengo penas de usar ropas mas ajustadas. Muchas Gracias Andrea”-Rosa

I lost 15 pounds.I Gain more energy throughout the days and make me feel like a badass after each workout.”-Robert DePaula